2018 claims freeze on until Jan. 17

January 2, 2018

Each January, 3sHealth Employee Benefits performs an eligibility measure for all other-than-full-time employees. This year’s measure will determine if an employee is eligible for coverage effective January 1, 2018, based on the hours they worked from January 1st to December 31st, 2017. An employee must work a minimum of 780 hours in the complete calendar year to be eligible for benefits. During this annual measure process in January, plan members will experience a delay in claims processing by Great-West Life.

Claim pre-authorizations submitted after December 15th, 2017 or claims incurred in January 2018, will be held by Great-West Life until the annual measure process is complete. Great-West Life will begin processing pre-authorizations and claims in mid-January in the order they were received and will work diligently to reimburse claims.

If your dentist submits claims electronically to Great-West Life, your dentist will receive an electronic notice that the claim will be held for processing. Once claims processing commences, Great-West Life will begin processing electronic claims in the order they were received.

You are encouraged to submit your drug claims by paper method during the first three weeks in January. We ask you not to use your pay direct drug card during this period.

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