2018 Disability Income Plan contribution rate decrease

November 30, 2018

3sHealth is pleased to report that the contribution rates for the four disability income plans were reduced effective August 1, 2018. The lower rates were approved by the Employee Benefit Plans Board of Trustees. Lower contribution rates mean employees will see lower disability deductions from their pay. Employers will also see a reduction in the portion of disability contributions they make on employees’ behalf.

Disability income plan contribution rates effective August 1, 2018 are:

Disability Income Plan   % of Straight Time Pay
CUPE   2.36%
SEIU-WEST   2.26%

The CUPE and SEIU-West disability income plans provide short-term bridge benefits and long-term disability benefits.

Disability Income Plan   % of Straight Time Pay
General   1.25%
SUN   1.40%

The General and SUN disability income plans provide long-term disability benefits.

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