3P (Production Preparation Process) event held October 2012

October 3, 2012

3sHealth has been working with the health system stakeholders to examine options for modernizing the province’s health care laundry system, which currently processes 75% of the institutional linen (approximately 23 million pounds annually for 150 acute and long term care facilities). 

One aspect of linen service delivery is the distribution of clean linen from the processing plant to the end user site, and the return of soiled linen to the plant (dock-to-dock). This was the focus of the 3P (Production Preparation Process) event held October 1 to 5, 2012 in Regina.

3P is a tool of the Lean Management System, which is being implemented across the provincial health system with the assistance of John Black and Associates.  During the week, over 40 participants representing front-line workers, management, and unions involved in laundry and linen services gathered at 3sHealth’s Imagination Space to learn from experts in ergonomics and infection prevention and control.  The participants then examined the current state of linen service delivery in Saskatchewan, and began to create route design concepts for the future transportation of linens.  Six teams explored options to support a number of scenarios (one, two, three, or five laundry processing plants, as well as the use of depots, in various locations across the province).  Staff from 3sHealth and the provincial Kaizen Promotion Office were also on hand to facilitate the event.

In developing the route design concepts, the teams considered:
  • Existing routes, as well as volume and frequency of deliveries;
  • Condition of roadways;
  • Types of delivery vehicles (currently in service and available);
  • Limitations of end-user facilities (docks and/or lifts; storage capacity);
  • Types of linen carts (clean and soiled);
  • Infection prevention and control issues; and
  • Occupational health and safety issues.


A seventh team examined alternatives for the redesign of linen carts.  A number of opportunities for improvement in the transportation of linens were identified throughout the week that could be implemented in the current system, as well as incorporated into plans for future service delivery.  

The information collected at the 3P event will provide practical ideas for distribution of linen throughout the province.  Improvement initiatives including Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIWs) have taken place or are planned, and other 3P events are being considered.

For more information about this 3P event please contact:
Jill Forrester, Director, Kaizen Operations
306-347-5588 or jill.forrester@3shealth.ca

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Published in Spotlight eNewsletter October 18, 2012

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