3sHealth embraces Change Day

November 23, 2015

Walking 10,000 steps, connecting with co-workers more regularly, getting a flu shot and drinking more water were some of the pledges 3sHealth staff members made as part as Change Day 2015, an exciting global movement aimed at making small health care improvements. The Change Day concept originated in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and has spread to countries around the world.

Change Day

“Change Day 2015 was a great way to recognize and reinforce the change culture we are embracing at 3sHealth”, says Andrew Will, 3sHealth CEO. “Every member of the 3sHealth team is making changes to improve the work we do. It is energizing to recognize the positive differences our team is making.”

This year, participants were asked to make a pledge to change their own health, the health of a patient or client, or the health of their workplace. Of the 102 pledges made by the staff at 3sHealth, 65% were pledges to improve their own health. From quitting smoking to learning to skate, these improvements not only showed a commitment to good health but also exhibited the diverse interests of 3sHealth employees. Horseback riding, tennis, learning French, and yoga were just a few of the activities mentioned in the pledges.

Another 25% of pledges related to making improvements in their work area. Taren Trew, a member of the administrative support team and Glen Giesinger from the IT team joined forces to create a change in the way meeting rooms are booked online. By creating a “finder” tool in Outlook, they eliminated several steps and streamlined the process. “The new process guarantees zero defects,” says Taren. “It’s an amazing improvement.”

While most people who work at 3sHealth do not work directly with patients or programs that directly impact patients, 10% of the pledges related to improving the health of people they know or work with. Getting flu shots, spending more time with front line workers, connecting with parents are all pledges made to improve someone else’s health.

In total, 50% of 3sHealth employees made Change Day pledges, representing 7% of all pledges made in the province this year. “Making changes to improve our own health and the health of others is something we should all be doing,” says Will. “Change Day helped us to focus on the importance of this and recognize our team members for their contributions.”

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