3sHealth releases its 2017-18 Annual Report

July 30, 2018

3sHealth CEO Mark Anderson

Message from Mark Anderson, Chief Executive Officer

In 2017-18, 3sHealth continued to serve many vital needs of the Saskatchewan health-care system. On behalf of the organization, I am pleased to share these achievements in this annual report. 3sHealth’s work is guided the organization’s values and reflects 3sHealth’s common belief that the health sector can be “better together.” The services we deliver every day are directly benefitting patients, health-care providers, patients, and the people of this great province.

Today, five services are now delivered in a standardized, provincial fashion. These include linen services, dictation and transcription services, provincial contracting, payroll and scheduling services, and employee benefits administration.

3sHealth is proud to support the provincial health-care system through the shared services it provides, and the organization has taken steps that position it well for continued success. In the past year, 3sHealth:

  • Completed the implementation of provincial dictation and transcription services to improve the speed and accuracy of vital patient information, which enables better care;
  • Introduced better, safer linen products for patients and families;
  • Continued to generate new health system savings by establishing provincial contracts for supplies used to deliver high-quality patient care;
  • Standardized payroll processing to support the launch of the Saskatchewan Health Authority; and
  • Focused on strengthening communication with benefits customers to improve service.

3sHealth owes a lot of its success to having a strong workplace culture, one that is getting it noticed at the provincial level. For the second year in a row, 3sHealth was named a top employer in Saskatchewan in a prestigious provincial competition. 3sHealth is honoured by the recognition. All credit goes to the dedicated employees who live 3sHealth’s values. In every part of the organization, 3sHealth’s employees are looking to constantly improve for the benefit of health system employees and the patients for whom they care.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review our annual report.

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