3sHealth staff learn basics of Lean

December 3, 2013

All 3sHealth staff members have now had Kaizen Basics training, the same program being offered to health care employees across the province.  The one-day session, developed by John Black and Associates (JBA), introduces participants to the basic concepts of Lean and continuous improvement. 

Participants learned how the Toyota management systems evolved, how it was applied to other manufacturing settings, and how Lean is now being implemented for health care.   Staff viewed videos, had small group discussions and participated in a simulated rapid process improvement activity.  Most of the sessions were held at 3sHealth’s Imagination Space, a large gymnasium in Regina used specifically for Lean activities.

Delivered by 3sHealth’s Kaizen Promotion Office, the training gives 3sHealth employees the basic knowledge they need to begin implementing process improvement activities in their own work area.  Already, staff have participated in several 5S and Value Stream Mapping sessions.  New employees will participate in Kaizen Basics training as part of their orientation.

3sHealth senior leaders presented some components of the training.  At the March 13th session, 3sHealth CEO Andrew Will talked about the 7 Flows of Medicine.  “Saskatchewan is breaking new ground.  By applying Lean to the seven flows of medicine, we are creating a long-term sustainable solution for health care in our province,” says Will.  “Our commitment to the process is strengthened as we see the difference our work is already making to patients and health care providers.”

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