A provincial transcription service means better care for patients

March 31, 2017

One year ago the idea of a single provincial dictation and transcription service was nothing more than that, an idea. But over the past 12 months, health organizations worked together to establish a service that better meets the needs of patients and providers.

Eight health regions are now served by the provincial service where the benefits are fast becoming clear.

The service uses a standard voice recognition technology that providers use to dictate patient care reports. Transcriptionists, no matter where they are, then access the system and create the reports. With built-in auto distribution, high-quality reports are now being sent out to providers in less time. And that enables better treatment decisions for patients.

The goal is to transcribe and release all dictated reports within 24 hours. In January, the percentage of reports meeting turnaround time was 29 per cent, up from 21 per cent in December. In February and March, the percentage of reports meeting turnaround time climbed significantly to roughly 66 per cent. On average in March, reports were turned around in 90 hours, down from 92 hours on average in February and 179 hours on average in January.

“While we still have room to grow in terms of getting to our goal, we’ve made significant progress in the past year,” said Lorne Shiplack, manager of provincial transcription services. “Employees continue to bring forward ideas to further improve the service and together we are putting them into action. We look forward to transitioning Five Hills Health Region next to the provincial service on April 4.”

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