A successful launch for Gateway's myJOBS

July 19, 2013

myJOBS, the newest service offered through Gateway Online, launched June 3, 2013 with much success. The new service offers healthcare workers a onestop shop approach to view, and electronically apply for healthcare positions. The ability to automatically gather a user’s career related information and submit it as part of their online application form, is also making it quick and easy for healthcare workers to apply for jobs.

To date, myJOBS has launched in the Saskatoon Health Region, Mamawetan Churchill Region, Cypress Region, Sun Country Region, Five Hills Region, KeewatinYatthe Region and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. Already, with these six employers having launched the service, 604 positions have been posted and 4,475 online applications submitted. To learn more about myJOBS, visit the myHELP section on Gateway Online.

Services like myJOBS offered through Gateway Online, are improving the work experience for Saskatchewan’s healthcare professionals. Through Gateway Online, users have the freedom to access their pay statements, personal information and now, view and electronically apply for healthcare positions when and where it is convenient for them. These services can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any Internet accessible computer.

As Gateway Online continues to introduce and implement standard and automated human resource processes across the province, it is allowing healthcare professionals to spend less time on administrative processes, and more on patient care. It is also helping to lay the foundation for a new initiative that launched this spring, called Workflow Optimization. This new initiative will build on much of the work Gateway Online has already achieved with respect to the standardization of human resource processes, by increasing the scope to also include payroll, benefits, scheduling and staffing processes.

As the number of services through Gateway Online and Workflow Optimization continue to increase, so too will the benefits for both patients and healthcare professionals in the province.

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