AIMS project status report

November 9, 2018

Workshops have been the focus of activity for AIMS project team members:

  • Teams have been examining the new technology and tools, gathering information on current state and identifying unknown business requirements that could impact system configuration.
  • ‘Personas’ or profiles of end users have been developed for use in upcoming design workshops.
  • Design workshops begin next week and will include participants from the health sector and partner organizations. The personas will be used to develop journey maps to track the user experience and identify “moments that matter.” The goal is to standardize business processes and guide system configuration.
  • Service delivery workshops are being conducted to assist the Saskatchewan Health Authority in determining how to innovate change within its human resources, finance and supply chain business functions. A five-year roadmap is being developed to guide this change, and identify specific business initiatives to be completed within the timeframe of the AIMS project. The service delivery workshops primarily involve executive leaders; however, they also require the participation of AIMS team members.

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