Canada Post service disruption

June 28, 2016

In anticipation of a service disruption to traditional mail service, 3sHealth will be sending long-term disability cheques directly to you via courier. If you have a P.O. Box, we will courier your payment to your employer where you can pick it up.

Kerrie Moore, director of the Disability Income Program, said efforts were made this week to reach out directly to those impacted.

“We have tried to reach everyone who receives a cheque from the disability program – the majority receive their payment electronically and are not impacted,” she said. “For those few who do get cheques, we are choosing to use the courier option.”

Although cheques were ready June 28 and the potential for a mail service disruption wasn’t likely to occur until July 2, Moore said they didn’t want to risk any cheques being delayed.
“We are trying to be proactive to ensure people receive their payments in a timely way,” she said. “We know this is important to our members.”

Employee Benefits also has plans to courier any Life Claim forms and cheques to members to avoid delays during a mail service disruption.

If a disruption in service does occur, she says they will continue to use alternate methods to reach members. If anyone has questions or concerns, they can contact 3sHealth directly at 1-866-278-2301 (Ext 1) OR 306-347-5559 or e-mail or

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