Checklist for change: linen transition teams work together for success

March 17, 2015

The 3sHealth Provincial Linen Service (PLS) transition team is working with transition leaders and teams in the health regions and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA) to ensure all facilities will be ready to make the switch to K-Bro Linen Systems, the new linen provider, when the transition begins in September. The task list breaks down everything that needs to be accomplished before a region, agency or facility begin receiving their linen from K-Bro. Items on the task list range from replacing the carts the linen is delivered on, to reviewing delivery schedules, implementing new quality assurance methods, and marking specialty linen to ensure it is returned to the appropriate facility and unit.

“The checklist tool 3sHealth has created to transition our linen service is really keeping us on track,” says Terry Fjeld, Regional Director of Environmental Services and for the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region. “Some of the tasks we need to accomplish for the transition seem quite daunting, but the checklist breaks them down into achievable steps.”

The task list was created by gathering information from a number of sources. Data has been gathered from the regions and the Cancer Agency in a variety of ways over the last year, including detailed planning site visits in each region. Important input from K-Bro was incorporated into the list based on their successful experiences implementing similar transitions across Canada. Each region has taken the standard task list and adapted it to reflect their individual situations and needs.

“We don’t just go through the check list document during our check-in meetings,” says Shelda Switzer, Kaizen Specialist for the 3sHealth PLS team. “We talk about issues that the people in the regions or the Cancer Agency may be experiencing and discuss solutions. Sometimes that helps our team identify items that may need to be added to an individual region’s task list – or something that might be helpful for all the organizations to add to their list.”

Using SharePoint and other web based technology has enabled the 3sHealth team to manage a massive amount of data from the 13 separate organizations they are working with during the transition. Key contacts for each organization can update their task list, add notes, update information about staff training, and report concerns in an issues log. Because the document is shared in a secure on-line format, all the transition team members from 3sHealth, the regions and SCA can be assured they are working with the most recent information.

“3sHealth’s commitment to making our transition work has given us a lot of confidence in the process,” says Shelley Cutler, Regional Support Services Coordinator for the Heartland Health Region. “I like how the task list is laid out. The check-in meetings are making sure no one is dropping any balls.”

Health regions will begin transitioning to the new provincial linen service in mid-September. The process of holding monthly check-in meetings and updating the task list is designed to make the transition process manageable and to make regions feel ready for the day their transition will take place.

“We want the transition to be seamless for our end users”, says Jim Crawford, Director, Provincial Linen Services for 3sHealth. “That means that patients, residents, and workers using linen in the units will experience the same, or better, linen services from day one."

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Published in the March 2015 Spotlight Newsletter

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