Delivering quality payroll service

November 23, 2015

There is great responsibility in managing payroll services for 47,000 healthcare employees across Saskatchewan.

“We take this responsibility seriously,” says Amanda Will, payroll manager at 3sHealth. “We are proud of the fact we consistently manage to get the payroll completed correctly and on time; we couldn’t do it without the partnership of the health regions, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and many others. We have worked very hard together to develop a process and practice that ensures employees can count on their pay arriving on time and in the right amount every time.”

The process goes smoothly the majority of the time. When it doesn’t, healthcare system partners work together to identify solutions and put processes in place to ensure errors are not repeated. First, payroll personnel in the Regional Health Authorities and Saskatchewan Cancer Agency work hard to resolve errors at a local level.

If payroll personnel in the RHAs and SCA experience other, more technical kinds of errors with the provincial systems hosted and managed by 3sHealth, they often turn there for help. When new organizations come on to the provincial payroll system, like William Booth Care Home in 2014, or when existing clients are in need of support (like training), 3sHealth is also there to lend support.

“The quality service we’re able to deliver does not go unnoticed and we appreciate so much when people let us know they’re happy,” says Will. “We also appreciate knowing when there are defects in our processes so we can find solutions and fix them together.

Flowers from an appreciative customer.

“I’m proud of the fact our payroll colleagues in the health regions and cancer agency aren’t shy about reaching out to our team with the good and the bad,” says Will. “It feels pretty good when we get positive feedback from some of our most satisfied clients.”

Duane Hamilton, team lead of the eHealth service desk, is one such customer.

“I frequently reach out to the information management folks at 3sHealth for assistance. I find that all my interactions are of the most courteous and professional manner on a consistent basis. The staff at 3sHealth not only assist me with my concerns but take the time to explain what has occurred, which is beneficial to an end user. It is a pleasure dealing with 3sHealth.”


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