Electronic T4s coming soon to Gateway Online

January 17, 2018

Coming soon to Gateway Online

It is tax time again! Even though it’s not everyone’s favourite time of year, there’s something special to look forward to this year.

For the first time ever, Saskatchewan health system employers will issue both electronic and paper-based T4 statements for the 2017 tax year. T4s are end-of-year pay statements. You will need your T4 to file your annual tax return with the federal government.

As a health system employee, you will still get a paper copy of your T4 statement for the 2017 tax year. You will receive your paper statement by the end of February 2018.

You will also find an electronic copy of your T4 statement for 2017 in Gateway Online.

It’s a bit of good news something that might help you complete your annual tax return faster and easier than before.

Electronic T4 statements are more secure than paper copies. Without multiple handoffs, there is less chance of the information ending up in the wrong hands.

Online T4s are also accessible any time, day or night.

The move to electronic T4s is a permanent one. Over time, all of your T4s will be accessible in Gateway (starting with the 2017 tax year).

So watch for your electronic T4 this February!

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