Engaging like never before

March 12, 2015

Since October 2014, Regional Health Authorities and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency have hosted 3sHealth leaders to have open and transparent dialogue about shared services.

We caught up with Leanne Ashdown, executive director of internal audit and enterprise risk management at 3sHealth, to find out just how helpful and informative those sessions are proving to be for 3sHealth.

Since October, management teams in Heartland, Sunrise, Keewatin Yatthé (via WebEx), Prince Albert Parkland, Sun Country, and Kelsey Trail have hosted 3sHealth leaders, with more sessions in other regions and agencies to come. How would you characterize the sessions to date?
I appreciate that management teams from across the healthcare system have taken time to share their insights with us. We have been given an incredible opportunity to listen and talk in-depth about what we are doing as an entire healthcare system to think and act as one.

This kind of face-to-face interaction is really helping to bring us together and is fostering a greater understanding on our part about how we are all working together at a system level to improve healthcare. The goal in having all leaders come together like this is to strengthen engagement and collaboration. From our end, we are there to listen and absorb as much as we can.

How many roadshow presentations have you been involved in?
So far, I’ve attended two sessions – one in Keewatin Yatthé and the other in Prince Albert Parkland. Close to 10 people from the Keewatin Yatthé management team met with us via WebEx. In Prince Albert, the CEO and her direct reports met with us. At both events, senior leaders asked us about the status of the various business cases currently underway. In Keewatin, they asked us to visit them again later this spring to deliver a session on the transition playbook. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to go back and further enhance that relationship.

Do you think the roadshow has helped 3sHealth get a better understanding of what matters most?
Absolutely! The visits have generated many productive discussions about the business cases in particular and the work that we as a system are doing to advance shared services.

This roadshow is all about active listening and having thoughtful small group discussions and one-on-one conversations that will contribute to better outcomes.

In terms of shared services, which includes the business cases, we talk a lot about the "big we" concept - how the healthcare system is working collectively to make things better for patients and families.

What are some of the things that we’re learning?
Leaders want to know more about our organization and their role in the work that we’re doing together with them. And it’s so important to have those conversations in person. By making time for 3sHealth, healthcare leaders are showing a fantastic commitment to shared services. The roadshow is a great example of how leaders are demonstrating collaboration and transparency through engagement. 3sHealth will do whatever we can to maintain our positive working relationships with out healthcare system partners, and these sessions are a great way to do just that.

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