Enhancing the disability claims process

October 2, 2015

3sHealth is taking steps to expedite the disability claims process to enhance customer service. The improvements will result from the implementation of a new document management system with built-in workflows. The system is scheduled to be in place on November 23.

“I am excited about the implementation of this system because it will really enhance our customer service and streamline our internal processes,” said Kerrie Moore, manager of the disability income area at 3sHealth.

“Right now there is a lot of manual movement of paperwork between employees who work on processing and adjudicating claims,” said Kerrie. However, once the new system is in place, all incoming claims (regardless of how they are sent in to 3sHealth) will be immediately scanned, go into one common queue, and be distributed to available claims officers for processing. “By automating workflow, we will speed up our internal routing process and be able to turn files around quicker for disability claimants.”

The change will also significantly:

  • Reduce manual processes;
  • Streamline the claims process and eliminate handoffs;
  • Increase our ability to track the status of a claim at-a-glance, which simplifies the claims management process;
  • Reduce the number of paper files in the department, making it easier to retain files long-term and cut down on associated storage costs; and
  • Enhance internal reporting.

Prior to November 23, the team at 3sHealth will perform rigorous user acceptance testing and train disability income area employees on the new system to ensure a smooth transition for both customers and staff.

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