Enterprise Resource Planning for health sector

November 28, 2013

On Tuesday, October 15, the Council of CEOs unanimously endorsed the recommendation to proceed with the procurement of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for the health sector in Saskatchewan.

“The endorsement is a significant milestone for the Workflow Optimization Project,” said JoAnn Collum, Director of Information Management at 3sHealth. “Once in place, an ERP solution will not only replace our existing payroll and benefits systems, it will also provide staff scheduling, finance, supply chain, and business intelligence functionality through an integrated information system.”

The goal of the Workflow Optimization Project is to:

  • Deploy a comprehensive, automated workflow and self-service tool for human resource administrators in the Saskatchewan healthcare sector to manage employee-related administrative processes (Gateway Online);
  • Introduce consistent staff scheduling practices throughout the provincial healthcare sector; and
  • Implement a new and robust technological solution to manage payroll, benefits and other enterprise resource planning functions for all the health regions in the province plus the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.
The benefits of an integrated software solution include the:
  • A consistent and positive experience for healthcare professionals, which will lead to a more consistent and positive experience for patients;
  • Availability of strategic information to aid in effective decision-making;
  • Opportunities to develop consistent policy and processes through standardized infrastructure to improve efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Improved data accuracy, reliability, and integrity to plan, forecast and report;
  • Improved alignment with strategic objectives including the provincial strategy, Lean initiatives, and shared service opportunities; and
  • Resource optimization, minimization of overtime, and improved quality of administrative services.

In the coming months, 3sHealth will issue a request for proposals (RFP) to formally begin the selection process of an appropriate ERP provider.

pdf  3sHealth-2013-11-Enterprise-Resource-Planning-System-for-Health-Sector.pdf

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