Great West Life adds new providers to eClaims network

February 19, 2013

Employees appreciate when their dentist or optometrist can submit their claims electronically to Great-West Life so that they don’t have to pay any money out of pocket for their claim, fill in forms or wait for their reimbursement. The good news is Great-West life is enhancing their provider eClaims network by adding more paramedical services. Providers of massage therapy and naturopathic services may soon be eligible to join the provider eClaim network and submit electronic claims to Great-West on your behalf.

Other providers that are already a part of the eClaims network include:
• Chiropractic
• Physiotherapy
• Vision care
• Dental

In order for a service provider to join the eClaims network, they must register and be regulated.  It is recommended that you ask your provider if they are a member of Great-West Life’s provider eClaims service prior to receiving your service. If a provider is not registered, your claim can still be submitted by completing a paper-claim form or by submitting the claim online through GroupNet for Plan Members.

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