Healthcare partners creating enterprise resource planning system

July 10, 2014

The Regional Health Authorities, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA), and 3sHealth currently have 43 different information technology (IT) applications and databases in place to support the human resource needs of the provincial healthcare system. There are 21 different IT applications in place across the health system to carry out and support financial services and transactions. And another 18 applications are used province-wide to manage how healthcare supplies – everything from tongue depressors to major pieces of equipment like hemodialysis machines – are procured, warehoused, delivered, distributed, and paid for. In all, 82 systems are used today to manage the human resource, finance and supply chain needs of the provincial health system.

All of this variation of systems and processes is costly to maintain, inefficient to operate, and unsustainable over the long term.

That’s why all of the health regions, the SCA and 3sHealth have started working together to put in place a single, province-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to fundamentally improve how human resource, payroll, benefits, staff scheduling, financial, supply chain and business intelligence services are delivered in the Saskatchewan health system. An ERP system is expected to one day replace existing payroll, benefits, staff scheduling, financial and supply chain systems, and provide integrated staff functionality for all health regions and agencies. By having one system in place, as opposed to the 82 systems today, it will lower the cost curve, be more efficient, and be easier to maintain over time.

To advance this work, an ERP project is now underway. A project lead committee (composed of senior leaders from various health organizations) and a core project team (composed of subject matter experts from across the province) have been established. Project team members worked with standing provincial committees this spring to develop and finalize a comprehensive project plan and charter that identifies what work will be accomplished in the 2014-15 fiscal year, of this multi-year-long project.

By March 31, 2015, project team will have:

  • Finished the requirements gathering phase (focused on defining what is needed from a provincial ERP solution);
  • Issued an RFP to the marketplace looking for submissions from prospective vendors;
  • Finalized a shortlist of candidates;
  • Selected a preferred ERP vendor; and
  • Presented a determination as to a preferred vendor – one that will meet the needs of the entire health system – to senior leaders in the health system for review and approval.
This project will be one of the largest administrative system investments the health system has ever made and is critical to improving how back office services are delivered to healthcare workers in Saskatchewan.

pdf  2014-07-10-Healthcarepartnerscreatingenterpriseresourceplanningsystem.pdf
Published in the July 2014 Spotlight Newsletter

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