Improvement event focuses on employee benefits customers

December 8, 2015


A team including 3sHealth employee benefits and information management staff as well as subject matter experts from SaskTel and eHealth came together for a Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) focused on creating a consistent client experience for 3sHealth’s employee benefits customers.

The goal of the event was to build a central knowledge library in the hosted contact centre and to create work standards for responding to customers. During the week, the team wanted to address the following issues:

  • No central repository for information that benefits services officers use to answer inquiries
  • No standard messaging for customer service calls
  • No measurable outcomes or metrics to measure the quality of customer service calls

The team rolled up their sleeves and created a number of resources that would create an efficient way for benefit service officers to access standard information for clients in a central location. Resources created during the week included a knowledge library with 18 frequent inquiries and their responses, three standard scripts for benefits officers to use, and a central location to house the new resources in the hosted contact centre. Included in the scripts are standard greetings and closings for phone, e-mail and Live Chat inquiries. A service call ‘check list’ was also created to assist benefits service officers in monitoring the quality and consistent messaging of their calls.

Once the new resources were created they were tested by the employee benefits team. By housing the information in a central place, they reduced the number of navigation clicks from six to two for one inquiry, reducing the time a customer would have to be ‘on hold’ waiting for information. Other inquiries may have fewer steps or ‘clicks’. While the scripts did add a small amount of time to the calls, they increased quality by assuring a consistent customer experience.

“I am inspired by the amount of work the small team was able to accomplish,” says Shelda Switzer, co-lead of the RPIW. “I have gained a better understanding of the work the employee benefits area does and the Lean tools kept us organized and helped us identify where the real waste was.”

The team felt that the information library, scripts and other tools they created can be replicated in other departments that provide customer service and support. They also plan on adding more items to the knowledge library.

“The work we did last week will make our service to our employee benefits customers more consistent and provide easier access to information to those providing the service,” says Shiona Buckshaw, team member and acting manager of Benefits Administration. “The RPIW gave our department the time it needed to focus on improving our processes and clarifying a future vision for our work.”

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