“It would be fantastic if this went faster” – Alana Shearer-Kleefeld

August 15, 2016

Chronic pain over the past year has had an impact on Alana Shearer-Kleefeld’s quality of life and ability to simply move. As part of the Better U Challenge, Shearer-Kleefeld, manager of Employee Benefits Administration at 3sHealth, will share her story as she endeavours to reverse the impact of months of inactivity. Keep coming back to visit us here or on Facebook to learn about her progress.

Chronic pain continues to plague Alana Shearer-Kleefeld but she remains committed to remaining as active as possible through the Better U Challenge and beyond.

Better U Challenge

“I’ve lost five and a half pounds so far so still on track with losing about half a pound a week,” she says. “Would it be fantastic to lose five pounds a week? Yes, it would be great. But I’m happy with my progress – it’s what I can achieve right now in my life.”

Shearer-Kleefeld has been working with healthcare professionals for more than two years to diagnosis chronic pain in her hip. For a year, it forced her to limit her physical activity significantly and resulted in unwanted weight gain. She decided to use the Better U Challenge as a catalyst to tackle that weight and improve her quality of life.

“My mobility is still limited and if I overdo it, I definitely pay the price,” she says. “Unfortunately, the line between doing and overdoing is somewhat blurred for me.”

Going at a snail’s pace and a sustainable pace is the right choice for her current health status, she says.

“I know exercise is key for me and I’m a bit challenged with that right now so I’m looking at other strategies.”

She has integrated regular meditation and weight training into her routine.

“My clothes are fitting differently so I feel like my body is changing and I just feel better being as active as I can be.”

To date, about 905 healthcare employees have entered the Better U Challenge. There are only a few weeks left until the contest ends (Aug. 31) – those who haven’t can find more information here.

Step challenge update
In late June, the 3sHealth Employee Benefits team challenged the senior leadership team to a two-month step challenge. The loser will prepare and serve lunch for the winning team.
As of Aug. 12, SLT was ahead by about 1.5 million steps (to 2,897,129); not all team members have entered their steps however, as some are currently on vacation.

By the numbers:
Senior leadership team – 4,397,330 steps (3,350 kilometres)
Employee benefit team – 2,897,129 steps (2,207 kilometres)

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