Job postings are now more provincial than ever...

November 5, 2014

On August 21, hiring managers all throughout the health system now have the ability to select whether or not they want a job posting in Gateway Online to also appear on another important health recruitment website called

The significance of this change is that job postings in Gateway are now more widely available to prospective applicants who are looking for new opportunities in the Saskatchewan health system. This added functionality is also a real time-saving measure for many regional health authority (RHA) and Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA) employees who are involved in the position recruitment process.

“The Gateway Online feed is working amazing for us,” said Brittany Laviolette, Project Manager with Sask Docs, the organization that runs the website. “I know for a fact that the regions are so happy with these changes and it is saving them a ton of work.”

“Our region uses the Health Careers in Saskatchewan website for posting all of our jobs,” explains Jana Labatte, Employment Service Coordinator with Sun Country health region. “When we changed to the Gateway Online system last year, we had to manually add all of our job postings to that system every week. This took almost a day of manpower depending on the volume.

“When the Gateway interface occurred, we were elated because that freed up more time for recruiting versus administration work. Also, there is no chance of human error.”

Now if employers initiate a job posting in Gateway, all they have to do is indicate “yes” or “no” as to whether or not they want that job posted outside of Gateway. If they select “yes”, a multi-step process involving back-end technology runs at the end of each work day whereby job information is shared between cFactor (the company that designed Gateway), 3sHealth and Sask Docs. This improvement builds on work done earlier this year to create more of a provincial job board in Gateway.

On April 23, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region – the only health region in the province with their own version of Gateway Online – began having their job postings appear in the provincial version of Gateway (the one used by all other regions and agencies). Also on April 23, job postings on the provincial Gateway Online website also started appearing on the RQHR version of Gateway. Since then, job postings at all Saskatchewan health regions, the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, 3sHealth, and two affiliates in Regina are now much more accessible to health system workers.

The benefits of both improvements are that employees now have access to more job opportunities than ever before, no matter where those opportunities are based. These moves are also enhancing the recruitment process by giving employers access to a bigger pool of prospective candidates.

Published in November 2014 Spotlight 

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