Linen transition leaders plan for change

November 4, 2014

Health region and cancer agencies leaders responsible for transitioning to the new provincial linen service in their organization met face-to-face for the first time in October.  The group gathered with members of the 3sHealth transition project team and representatives from K-Bro Linen Systems to discuss the planning steps and to learn about features of the new services.

“It was great to meet everyone in person,” says Shirley Wheeler, Manager of Support Services for Sun Country Health Region.  “Transition planning will be slightly different for each region but we will all be facing similar challenges.  The exchange of ideas, questions and experiences was valuable.”

A review of services and products that will be provided by K-Bro was on the agenda including a “Show and Tell” session of linen products that will improve quality for patients and residents.  Participants were able to view a linen cart, towels, sheets, operating room linen packs and standard work signage for new processes.

The afternoon was spent discussing the first draft of a workbook tool designed for the transition leaders to use to build their own transition plan.  Topics in the workbook include a transition timeline, standard work, Lean tools, leading practices, change management, quality audits and reporting, and communications.  The workbook will provide regions with templates and tools to apply to their individual situations.

Representatives from K-Bro Linen Services provided an update on the construction of the new plant as well as some insights into the design and capabilities of the facility.

The information that was shared at the meeting forms the basis for detailed transition planning for each region and agency.  Beginning the week of October 20th, 3sHealth linen transition team members will be visiting each health region to begin creating individual detailed plans.  Transition planning will continue throughout the fall of 2014 and the winter of 2015.

“I feel better about where we are headed provincially,” said one participant at the end of the day.  Other participants expressed confidence in the process after reviewing the planning materials, learning more about the services that will be offered by K-Bro and having a hands-on experience with new products.  

“There is lots of work ahead,” said another participant, “but now we know what needs to be done to get the transition going.”

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Published in November 2014 Spotlight

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