Making progress in baby steps

June 21, 2016

Better U Challenge

Chronic pain over the past year has had an impact on Alana Shearer-Kleefeld’s quality of life and ability to simply move. As part of the Better U Challenge, Shearer-Kleefeld, manager of Employee Benefits Administration at 3sHealth, will share her story as she endeavours to reverse the impact of months of inactivity. Keep coming back to visit us here or on Facebook to learn about her progress.

“So, I’ve lost one pound,” says Shearer-Kleefeld with a shrug and a smile. “There were a lot of birthdays in the last few weeks – mine, my Dad’s, my brother-in-law.”

And there was cake.

Shearer-Kleefeld has reintroduced regular activity into her life after a year when any kind of activity equated to increased pain.

“I’m back to walking every day and I’m doing 30 minutes of strength training six times a week,” she says. “I know myself and I know that a day off is bad for me – I need to stay focused and do something every day to maintain momentum.”

For the first time, she’s also trying meditation trialing a number of different meditation videos online.

“I’ve been trying 30 minutes of meditation every night. I get into bed and play it on my iPad. The other night, I woke up at 1:30 and I clicked the meditation video back on and it helped me get right back to sleep.”

She’s also found a fun positive affirmation video that she plays while she’s getting ready for work in the morning.

“It’s about 101 positive affirmations, so he says it and you repeat it. I play it while I’m putting on my makeup and making my peppermint tea. It’s actually fun.”

Alana’s lesson of the week:
Shearer-Kleefeld’s big take-away for her first few weeks in the Better U Challenge revolves around the birthday cake and other ‘treats’.

“I learned that a small piece of dessert is equally satisfying to a big piece. Four or five bites and you get to feel included, you get to share the experience with everyone and you don’t have to deprive yourself.” 

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