Medical imaging and laboratory services business cases get underway

August 15, 2013

The medical imaging and medical laboratory services business cases got off to an exciting start in June. Over 180 participants from Saskatchewan’s health regions and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency – as well as representatives from unions, eHealth Saskatchewan, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory, post-secondary training programs, private service providers, equipment vendors, and clinical practices – gathered together to talk about the current states and their vision for the future of Saskatchewan’s health system.

The medical imaging visioning days were held from June 10 to 11, and featured group discussions, simulation exercises, presentations, and ultimately the formulation of a vision statement:

Quality, appropriate, patient-centred care in an accessible, integrated, and safe medical imaging service.

The group discussions yielded volumes of important data on current challenges and desired future state attributes that will be essential as 3sHealth and its partners seek to improve medical imaging services for patients and families.

On June 20 and 21, a visioning day was held for medical laboratory services. The format of the day was similar to that of medical imaging, and the group developed its own vision statement:

Excellent, integrated laboratory services supporting exceptional patient care.

The visioning days were not only an opportunity to gather information, but also – and most importantly – to bring together key individuals from across the health sector. The integrated and collaborative nature of the gathering was echoed in the messages that came out of the day.

“I am so excited about what is happening in these two business cases,” exclaimed 3sHealth CEO Andrew Will, “and what encourages me most is the level of excitement of our stakeholders, and their commitment to put patients and families at the centre of all that they do. This business case is truly a collaborative project, and we at 3sHealth are grateful for the enthusiastic support of our stakeholders from across the health system.”

Since the visioning days, the medical imaging and laboratory services project teams have been busy conducting site visits across the province. Those visits have taken them to many different types of health-care centres across Saskatchewan, and by the time they are completed, the teams will have visited every health region in the province. In addition to engaging health-care workers in Saskatchewan, the project teams are conducting patient surveys.

The site visits are scheduled to be complete in late August, at which point the project team will begin analyzing the data and establishing a list of best practices.

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Published in Spotlight eNewsletter August 16, 2013

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