More life insurance coverage for 3sHealth benefits plan members

April 6, 2016


An estimated 1,700 3sHealth employee benefits plan members now have additional life insurance coverage in response to a one-time enrollment opportunity offered by 3sHealth.

In February and March, plan members were able to purchase or increase optional life insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents. The offer was extended through a mailed letter and application form, and information was also available on the 3sHealth website and through employers.

“The response to this offer was amazing,” said Bud Anderson, Director of Employee Benefits for 3sHealth. “We had a total of 1,735 applications received and 1,691 inquiries regarding the open enrollment in the eight-week period of the offer.” Anderson estimates plan members now have an additional $447,000,000 in optional life, death, accident and dismemberment and dependent life coverage.

Member response to the offer was enthusiastic, in part because the insurance was available without completion of a medical questionnaire. This allowed members with a pre-existing medical condition to apply. For these people, the alternative of purchasing life insurance in the open market would have been expensive or impossible.

“The open enrollment opportunity really put our new service standard processes to the test,” said Alana Shearer-Kleefeld, Manager of Employee Benefits at 3sHealth. “Despite the fact that we had almost 1,700 additional inquiries in February and March, we were able to maintain our service standard of answering 95% of all calls in less than 30 seconds.”

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