News Release: Transcription Issue Identified

March 9, 2018

The Saskatchewan Health Authority and 3sHealth recently became aware of a process issue that occurred in dictation and transcription, whereby a small number of referral and follow-up letters were delayed in their distribution. These letters include referrals and follow-up letters to specialists and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

The SHA and 3sHealth are working collaboratively to review the incident, and have taken immediate measures to correct this issue. All letters that had not been sent, were immediately sent upon discovery of the issue.

An investigation was immediately launched in order to determine the scope. The investigation is ongoing; there are currently 250 patients throughout the province who may have been impacted, and the patients and their dictating physicians are being contacted directly for follow-up. 3sHealth is completing additional auditing to determine if there are any further cases.

All physicians who may be impacted by the issue are working with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and 3sHealth to ensure proper investigation and assessment into any potential for harm to the patients affected by the delay in distribution for the follow-up and referral letters. Patients affected by this issue will receive direct contact from the Saskatchewan Health Authority, including direction on next steps and who they can contact if they have additional questions.

The priority is on ensuring that immediate steps are taken to contact affected patients and their physicians to help rectify this issue. The Saskatchewan Health Authority and 3sHealth are currently working through process improvements to ensure that this issue does not occur in the future.


For media inquiries, please contact:
Jennifer Arends
Director, Communications & Stakeholder Relations, 3sHealth
306‐529‐6211 or 306‐347‐5500


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