Partners in planning provincial transcription services project

November 23, 2015

These days, there are so many ways to stay connected. But nothing matches the opportunity to get together and have face-to-face conversations: it’s still the most meaningful way to listen, learn and engage with peers and partners.

The provincial transcription services project team has appreciated the hospitality of the regional health authorities and Saskatchewan Cancer Agency as they’re travelling across the province for site visits. To date, they’ve been to about 14 communities from Weyburn in the south to Buffalo Narrows in the north.

The goals of the visits are to:

  • Provide service line and non-service line representatives with a project update;
  • Walk the gemba and engage with frontline staff;
  • Collect information about how transcription services are currently delivered at sites; and

Perform readiness assessments to determine possible sequencing of implementation activities.

The provincial project team is meeting with the people from each RHA and SCA who will be working on the project as members of local transition teams. These face-to-face opportunities will help to set the stage for implementation of the first-ever provincial transcription service.

“The site visit was a wonderful, information-loaded experience that I was so happy to be part of,” said Karri Stremick, who works as a medical transcriptionist in the Prairie North health region. “As frontline staff, it was great to know that my opinion matters and was being heard. The excitement and eagerness in the room for positive change and improvement was palpable!”

Her colleague in the region, Sharon Jaindl, who works in health records management, echoed the sentiment.

“I found the site visit very informative. It was nice to have someone in person to answer questions directly.”

The visits have generated many productive discussions about the project and what to expect in the coming months. Project team members from across the system will be working with hundreds of stakeholders, including frontline staff, managers and clinicians, to ensure successful implementation.

“The face-to-face interactions are really helping to bring us together and fostering a greater understanding about how we are all working together at a system level to improve how the service is delivered to patients and families,” said Janine Daskalchuk, director of provincial transcription services. “We are there to listen and absorb as much as we can.”

Transcriptionists who participated in the October 20 event in Kelsey Trail (at the Melfort Union Hospital). Back row (L to R): Shelley Hiebert, Nicole Lyons and Jennifer Fedorychka; front row (L to R): Sandra Wittig and Dawn Rolles

Marga Cugnet, Sun Country CEO, said the site visit to her region was great for staff to get an overview of the project.

“Through this project, transcriptionists will see that they play a bigger part of the picture. It's about being a part of improving the healthcare system. It will be your mother, your father, your sister, and your brother that is affected by this transformation."

Krista Bostock, regional director of health information management in Sun Country added that their transcriptionists were also thankful to be able to participate.

As the project continues to progress, much more engagement will be needed to ensure an effective transformation through new and standardized technologies and processes at the provincial level for acute care, medical lab, and medical imaging services.

By transforming the service, both the accuracy of patients’ health information and report turnaround time for transcribed reports will be optimized to deliver better care to patients and families.

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