Patient safety at heart of provincial Smart IV Pump project

February 5, 2016

Saskatchewan patients receiving IV medication in hospital will soon be a lot safer, thanks to the province-wide introduction this year of infusion “smart pumps” that will help prevent dosing errors.

A provincial drug library, created late last year by a project team based at 3sHealth, sets out all of dosing information for the more than 700 medications that are delivered by smart pumps in hospitals.

In January, a diverse group of healthcare professionals came together at 3sHealth to design a reliable process for submitting, approving, and communicating changes to that drug library, and for ensuring that all of the 3100 pumps around the province are updated.
Pictured above: Event participants working with new programmable smart pumps.

During the one-week improvement event, the team developed a change request form and submission process that makes it easy for a frontline staff to identify and request changes to the provincial drug library. Under the new standard work processes, routine changes will be done on a monthly cycle, while critical changes are addressed in 24 hours.

Back row (L-R): Jill Forrester, Kelly Thompson, Doug Selinger, Terrence Davidson and Larry Clark; Front row (L-R): Leah Palmer, Rhonda Goodtrack, Dr. Joy Dobson, Camille Delainey, Justine Hunchak and Amanda Will-Strait.


“I’ve never been more convinced that we are better together as a healthcare system,” said Mark Anderson, following the report-out. Anderson is the sponsor and process owner of the RPIW and Vice-president of Business Development at 3sHealth. “People with a really diverse background came together and collectively focused on patient safety.”

Improvement event participants included:

  • Dr. Joy Dobson, physician consultant, 3sHealth
  • Terrence Davidson, Provincial Formulary Group 
  • Doug Selinger, RQHR, Pharmacist 
  • Justine Hunchak, eHealth, Provincial Information Technology 
  • Larry Clark, RQHR, Clinical Engineering Group 
  • Leah Palmer, ABCC, Clinical Nurse Educator 
  • Camille Delainey, HRHA, Clinical Nurse Educator 
  • Rhonda Goodtrack, 3sHealth, Clinical Lead


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