Provincial contract for orthopaedic implants

December 18, 2012

Health regions that perform orthopaedic surgery have recently transitioned to using common products throughout the province for hip and knee replacements. A provincial contract was signed with Zimmer of Canada Limited to provide components for hip and knee implants.  The Zimmer products were selected by orthopaedic experts from across Saskatchewan and the new contract will benefit both patients and health care providers.

With the support of 3sHealth and HealthPRO (a national group purchasing agency), a clinical advisory group was formed to help determine selection criteria for products and review clinical aspects of proposals from various suppliers. This group was made up of orthopaedic surgeons, nurses, operating room technicians, sterilization staff and materials management representatives from across Saskatchewan. The products were first evaluated for quality and clinical acceptability and suppliers were evaluated on the service and support they provide.

HealthPRO’s Signature Contract Services helped to facilitate the review process. Kendra Frey, Business Director of Clinical Specialties for HealthPRO was impressed with the work of the regions’ representatives.

"The surgeons and staff involved in the process were diligent about selecting a quality product for patients. When you bring diverse players together from different facilities, you know that products are being evaluated from many angles. It was impressive to see different health regions working together to find a common solution for better patient care.” Having a standard product across the province will result in benefits for patients and health care workers. Surgeons and clinical staff will be familiar with a common product and technique, making their transition between regions easier and enhancing their ability to treat patients from across the province. As a result, patients can better access and receive consistent care. In addition, regions are still able to use products from other suppliers as necessary for revisions to existing implants.

The new contract is also expected to result in annual savings of approximately $1.2 million for the health system, and these savings can be redirected into patient care.

Through joint purchasing initiatives 3sHealth aims to develop consistency in products, services and processes that result in quality patient care as well as leverage cost savings. This achievement is important as 3sHealth continues to work with regions and clinical staff to determine consistent products. The work done on this project has set an example for future initiatives that will engage Saskatchewan’s front line health care workers in finding improved solutions for patient care. Staff interested in serving on a clinical product evaluation committee should contact their materials management department for more information.

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Published in Spotlight eNewsletter November 21, 2012

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