Provincial linen solution for health care system to be implemented

July 19, 2013

A new provincial linen service that will significantly improve quality for patients and residents has been announced. A new state-of-the art processing plant that will utilize the latest technology to ensure the highest standard of infection prevention and control, improve the quality of linen and linen service, and improve employee safety will be located in Regina.

The plant will be built, owned and operated by a third party provider, K-Bro Linen Systems, contingent on the successful completion of labour relations consultations and subsequent contract negotiations with K-Bro. It is estimated that this solution will save the health system approximately $93 million over the next ten years through lower operating expenses and capital cost avoidance. The plant will be fully implemented in about two years.

“These changes will put the needs of patients first. This solution will ensure a high standard of infection prevention and improved patient safety, through improved processes and delivery of a better product,” said Health Minister Dustin Duncan. “Sharing services between health regions will also create efficiencies and contribute to cost savings and a more sustainable health system -- helping us achieve our goal of better health, better care and better value for Saskatchewan people.”

The central laundries now serving Saskatchewan’s health care system, located in Regina, Prince Albert, Weyburn, Yorkton and Moose Jaw, are aging and outdated. Several million dollars in capital expenditures would be required to improve all of the facilities. These plants will be replaced by the new plant once it is operational. Smaller laundries that serve long term care and other facilities were not within the scope of this project. Personal linen for long-term care residents will continue to be processed locally.

During the two year transition period the regional health authorities will work with unions and staff to develop mitigation strategies to reduce the impacts on staff.

“3sHealth has worked with our health region partners, and after diligent examination of all the options, we have determined that this is the best solution for a high quality and efficient linen service,” commented Jim Rhode, 3sHealth Board Chair. “3sHealth’s role is to identify and provide shared services that improve quality and create efficiencies for the regional health authorities and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA). Our support enables the regions and SCA to focus on providing the best care possible to the patients, residents and families they serve.”

In the summer of 2012, 3sHealth issued a request for strategic partner (RFSP) to identify experienced partners who could deliver a high quality of service. Through this process it selected K-Bro Linen Systems (K-Bro) as the preferred vendor for Saskatchewan. 3sHealth will now enter into contract negotiations with K-Bro and attempt to finalize an agreement.

“Using an experienced third party contractor to provide linen services to our health care system assists us in fulfilling our on-going commitment to improving quality and sustaining our publicly-funded system by saving costs,” stated Andrew Will, 3sHealth CEO. “Our ability to implement best practices and leverage economies of scale and shared expertise will ensure the new provincial linen service will make a significant difference to the patient experience.”

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Published in Spotlight eNewsletter July 18, 2013

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