Simplifying the My Talent area of Gateway Online

November 2, 2015

Starting on November 19, it will be much easier and much more efficient for healthcare system employees to enter their skills and talents in Gateway Online. The improvements include a simplified drop-down list of available training options and fewer talent types to have to sift through.

Once the improvements are implemented:

  • Data about employees’ talents will be captured much quicker, more succinctly, and will be far more accurate;
  • Staff will be able to have more confidence they will get the full credit for the skills and education talents they have entered in the system when applying for a position; and
  • Managers will be able to feel more confident that they are getting accurate information about prospective candidates, as talents that are entered in the system will be better mapped to job qualifications, thereby helping hiring managers better gauge an applicant’s “fit” for a given position
  • Employees will no longer be able to create their own talent items in the system; however, the search function will be enhanced with predictive text (to assist employees in finding existing talents). Employees who would like to add a talent to the drop-down list will need to speak to their employer.

Pictured above: 3sHealth CEO Andrew Will delivered opening remarks at the event report-out (November 2014).

“These improvements will cut down on issues being logged about talents not being mapped,” said Wendy Shabatura, HRIS specialist and event participant.

Carol Rohovich, director of workforce planning in the Prairie North Health Region also took part in the event and said the improvements “will result in more concise information and more accurate reporting.”

Rhonice McMaster from Five Hills Health Region added “this will lead to a much cleaner database, improving our ability to manage employees.”

The improvements were identified during a rapid process improvement workshop held in November 2014. Representatives from across the province who work in the area of payroll administration took part in the event.

How the My Talent area of the site works

All health system employees have the ability to log into Gateway Online and add specific professional skill sets they have obtained prior to or during their work career. They can also add educational achievements, including degrees and certifications. The idea is that once these skills and talents are entered in Gateway, they can then be mapped to job qualifications in available positions. This mapping helps hiring managers align an applicant’s skill sets to the requirements of the job.

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