Surplus equipment sale and potluck lunch gives STARS fundraiser a boost

September 28, 2016

Since the 3sHealth Shares program launched this past June, employees have generously raised more than $2,600 for STARS Air Ambulance service, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing a safe, rapid, highly specialized emergency medical transport system for the critically ill and injured.

Four fundraising initiatives have led to this success: donations from the Staff Day event; the VIP experience at the staff barbecue in June; the sale of surplus equipment, furnishings and appliances; and the recent potluck lunch.

Potluck lunch

On September 22, employees got together and prepared an amazing feast fit for a queen, king, and their entire extended royal family!

As a staff and Board, we raised more than $620 in support of STARS.

This means we have raised nearly half of our annual fundraising goal of $5,500!

Congratulations and a sincere thank you goes out to everyone who was involved.

Surplus equipment sale

Amid plans to finalize the renovated staff space on the seventh floor, the Collaborate Workplace Environment (CWE) team identified items that were no longer needed. As well, a surplus of excess items had been accumulating in storage elsewhere in the building.

The CWE team saw an ideal opportunity to raise money for STARS Air Ambulance. The inventory of excess items included fans, refrigerators, tables, whiteboards, desktop and laptop computers, as well as other electronics.

Troy Sentes, Dallas Manz and Jennifer Arends organized a silent auction, which was followed up by a ‘best offer’ sale to clean up items not sold in the silent auction. Arends says the sale was successful and created real excitement.

“The staff knew proceeds were being donated to charity. Many staff members rounded their totals up in order to provide additional support to STARS. The net effect was that we turned a potentially dry sale of obsolete equipment into a community building event.”

It even became a little competitive with folks gathering minutes before the auction closed to get in a last minute bid to win their items.

The equipment fundraiser turned out to be yet another example of the 3sHealth staff uniting around a worthy cause. The sale raised over $1,400 for STARS.

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