The abundant rewards from helping in the community

August 15, 2016

This is part one of a three-part feature on the new 3sHealth Shares program aimed at building a corporate social responsibility presence at 3sHealth. Our next two stories will feature the VIP Experience at the staff BBQ and the funds raised for STARS through a silent auction this summer.

3sHealth Shares is not just a catchy slogan, it’s actually a true statement.

The people at 3sHealth take pride in sharing their time and resources to help the community. The 3sHealth Shares program was launched in June and is driven by dedicated staff members.

Ever since the launch they have been making strategic decisions about which causes to support and doing the leg work required to make events happen. Elaine Ong is on the committee and took the lead in organizing the 3sHealth Shares Blood Drive at Canadian Blood Services. She says for her it was a simple decision and a worthy cause to support.

“I picked Canadian Blood Services because it’s health related and it’s easy to get involved. If you’re able to give life and you’re healthy, you should give.”

Ong’s enthusiasm for the blood drive was apparently contagious, judging by the support from 3sHealth staff. She contacted Mark Anderson and persuaded him to take part, even though he acknowledges he had previously never been overly enthusiastic about the idea of giving blood.

“There had just never been anyone that was championing it that I can remember. I was also a bit of a chicken with needles, so I had never done it in the past.”

Anderson decided it was time for him to support this worthwhile cause, so when the time came for the actual donation he simply didn’t pay any attention to the needle. Now that his first donation is behind him, Anderson readily admits that the minimal discomfort from the needle is a small price to pay for the privilege of donating blood.

“There’s a tremendous feeling of reward that comes at the end of the donation process. You know that you’ve done something that that will have an impact on someone’s life. I think how important this could be to me if I had a family member who needed blood.”

Val Klassen, who is based in Saskatoon, was thankful to be given the opportunity to take part in the 3sHealth Blood Drive. Klassen was not a first time donor; however it had been a number of years since her previous donation.

“I’m a nurse by training and for a long time I thought I was contributing my share to the healthcare system in that way, but that was a bit of a cop-out.”

Klassen was very impressed by the thorough nature of the pre-donation protocol and the precautions taken to make sure the blood is safe.

“I was amazed at the rigor of the questions and the screening process they go through. They screen your blood in a number of ways before it goes to the patient.”

Ryan Weber has been donating blood ever since he was a teenager, when Canadian Blood Services came to his high school looking for donors. He was more than willing to get involved and take the short bus ride from 3sHealth over to Canadian Blood Services, and says new donors have no reason to worry about danger to their health. Weber reminds everyone that all needles are sterile, used only once, and then discarded.

“There is almost no risk involved. In the screening they test you for things like iron, temperature, blood pressure, so if there’s any danger to you or if you give the wrong answer to any screening questions, you’re out of the program.”

Weber says the whole process only takes about an hour, with less than half of that being actual blood donation time.

“I was in the chair for about 15 minutes, and the needle was in my arm for maybe five minutes.”
The 3sHealth Blood Drive only started on June 17, but the number of donors is already at 31 and counting. This is over 20 per cent of our staff, which has impressed even those at Canadian Blood Services who have seen numerous group blood drives. Donors are encouraged to register Online. Click here to join the 3SHealth Partners for Life Team! Another options is when you visit the Canadian Blood Services clinic, mention that you are donating through 3sHealth, all of which facilitates tracking of 3sHealth donor numbers.

For those unable to give blood, how about a 3sHealth Shares fundraiser built around eating? Unlike blood donation there is no screening process for the VIP Experience Fundraiser; you’ve missed out on the 2016 event but there’s always next year.

Watch for the continuation of the 3sHealth Shares story in the next issue of Spotlight.

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