Train-the-trainer events help prepare for linen transition

June 3, 2015

Black Mesh Bag Training

In June, an important milestone in preparing health regions and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency for transition to the provincial linen service will occur, with several training events taking place across the province. These events will provide the knowledge and tools that linen managers and supervisors will need to train their staff in new standard work.

“The training is the culmination of several months of work,” says Shelda Switzer, Kaizen specialist for the 3sHealth linen team. “Using the standard work we have created for the linen service, these sessions will help to educate all staff in new processes that will be implemented once facilities are receiving their linen from K-Bro Linen Systems, our new linen provider.”

The training will not only introduce new processes for those handling linen, but will also inform staff about leading practices that will ensure efficient inventory management and infection prevention and control. Provincial standards for handling linen in acute and long-term care facilities will be an important part of implementing the provincial linen service. Some of this work will contribute to the achievement of the standards that are measured in the quarterly quality audits.

The train-the-trainer events are scheduled at different locations in the province throughout the month of June. An additional event is scheduled in September, for regions transitioning later in the fall. A small group of representatives from each region will attend and learn the content of the training module so that they can train staff within their regions, agencies or facilities.

An array of training tools has been developed for regions, agencies and facilities to use to train staff. In addition to the Standard Work, a PowerPoint presentation and posters have been created for those attending the “train-the-trainer” session to use in their own organizations. Wherever possible, information that is visual and simple will be used to ensure the new processes are easily understood and implemented successfully.

“A successful transition to the new service depends on everyone knowing what changes to expect ahead of time so there are no surprises,” says Paula Koch, Change Specialist for the 3sHealth provincial linen service team. “The training has been developed to introduce people to new work processes and new products well ahead of their implementation date.”

A portion of the training module was delivered to staff at the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region on May 14th to introduce the Black Mesh Bag program. It gave the 3sHealth team a chance to trial the training module before finalizing it and to receive feedback from health region partners.

“Everyone’s goal is to ensure that the linen transition is as seamless as possible. We want everyone affected by the changes to not only to be aware of them, but to feel comfortable working with them,” says Giles Vanderlaan, Manager of Hospital Laundry Services for Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region. “By training our staff on the standard work, everyone will be on the same page, and that will benefit our patients and clients.”

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