Transcription services roadshow rolls on

September 25, 2015

Sun Country Health Region and 3sHealth came together on September 17 at the Weyburn General Hospital to continue their close collaboration on the provincial transcription services project.

“It couldn’t have gone better,” said Janine Daskalchuk, provincial director of transcription services. “Everyone was engaged and we were able to really connect with our colleagues.”

Krista Bostock, regional director of health information management in Sun Country said, “The transcriptionists told us that they were thankful to be able to participate at this level.”

“The site visit was great for staff to get an overview of the project,” said Marga Cugnet, Sun Country CEO. “Through this project, transcriptionists will see that they play a bigger part of the picture. It's about being a part of improving the healthcare system. It will be your mother, your father, your sister, and your brother that is affected by this transformation."

This week, the team was hosted by Heartland, Prairie North, Cypress, and Five Hills health regions.

The team at 3sHealth hopes to build on the successful sessions held to date as the provincial roadshow rolls on. The roadshow will officially conclude on November 9 when the team visits the Yorkton Regional Health Centre in the Sunrise health region.

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