VIP treatment makes participants feel like a star

September 8, 2016

This is part two of a three-part feature on the new 3sHealth Shares program aimed at building a corporate social responsibility presence at 3sHealth. In our last story, we focused on the Canadian Blood Services drive by 3sHealth; you can read that story here.

A little pampering – even if it’s just having a linen napkin at an outdoor BBQ – feels pretty darn good, agree participants in the first-ever 3sHealth Shares VIP Experience at the June staff event.

3sHealth Shares, the organization’s corporate social responsibility program, launched this year naming STARS as its charity of choice. The VIP Experience gave staff the opportunity to donate to STARS in exchange for a little special treatment.

For a nominal fee of $20, participants were served by SLT members at a picnic table decked out with real linens and dishes, and a centerpiece to top it off.

Denise Stauch-Altieri considered herself especially fortunate after having a seat at the VIP table gifted to her by a co-worker who paid the 20 bucks and later found out she couldn’t make it.

“I think it’s always important to give back to the community in any way, shape or form. STARS provides a service that can save lives which is very important.”

Like almost everyone who attended the event, Stauch-Altieri thoroughly enjoyed herself. For her it was a rare treat indeed to be looked after so well by an SLT member at the staff BBQ.

“I was provided top notch service by my server Leanne Ashdown. She took my order, brought exactly what I ordered in a timely and fashionable manner – the server apron looked great! I was able to enjoy a nice sit down meal without the hassle of standing in a long line for my food and then looking for scramble seating.”

Even though Glenn Giesinger had to dig the $20 VIP Experience fee out of his own pocket, he didn’t need much convincing to put down his money for this unprecedented opportunity.

“I saw that it was raising money for STARS Air Ambulance and I love any chance to support worthy causes and have fun at the same time.”

Giesinger was thoroughly impressed with the detailed and thoughtful service provided by the SLT servers.

"They had order sheets, whether you wanted a hot dog or a burger, what toppings you wanted.It was like going to Harvey’s, 'Have it your way!' And It’s not often you have the opportunity to be served by your CEO," says Giesinger. "Andrew was so good at what he did; he even picked the pretzels out of the Chex Mix for Fran.”

3sHealth Shares committee member Laura Carleton-Becker was the lead organizer of the VIP Experience Fundraiser, and was pleased to see that everyone who took part in the event seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

“We also had a lot of feedback from people who didn’t participate saying it looked like fun and if we’d do it again next year they’d sign up.”

The final total was nine participants in the VIP Experience Fundraiser, resulting in a $180 donation to STARS Air Ambulance. And there’s a good chance that total will go up at any similar events in the future.

It’s efficient to plan fundraising events well ahead of time when possible, but 3sHealth Shares is also becoming quite adept at recognizing needs and taking advantage of opportunities on short notice. On May 1 we all heard and saw initial news of the devastation resulting from the Fort McMurray forest fire. It didn’t take long for a response from 3sHealth.

While not part of the formal 3sHealth Shares program, the benefits team launched an event on May 5th and 6th to raise money for the victims of the Fort McMurray disaster. Alana Shearer-Kleefeld says the idea for the fundraiser came out of a conversation with co-organizer Amanda Reimer.

“We were out for a walk, talking about the fire and how terrible it was. We felt we should do something but we needed to do it fast. So we decided to just set up some snacks and see if people will make a donation.”

After day one, they took the food drive on the road, so to speak.

“We figured there were lots of people we hadn’t seen yet, so we just took a cart around to the other floors on the second day. It was just enough to get people talking and engaged and get them to open their wallets a bit.”

To the surprise of no one, 3sHealth staff made a significant contribution to the victims of the Fort McMurray forest fire. The final total came to $667.00.

Watch for part three of the 3sHealth Shares series to learn how much you contributed to STARS through a silent auction / fundraiser this summer.



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