Vision for provincial staff scheduling

February 22, 2013

On Friday January 18, healthcare professionals from across the province were brought together to begin setting the stage for a new provincial staff scheduling system.

“Today was about creating a more positive and more consistent staff experience, which in return will create a more positive and consistent patient experience,” said 3sHealth CEO, Andrew Will.

Representatives from several different Regional Health Authorities, the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, e-Health, 3sHealth, the Ministry of Health, and Unions took part in this full-day event, which was facilitated by Jan Hess, a consultant with John Black and Associates.

Realizing that staff scheduling plays a major role in the success of Saskatchewan’s healthcare system, 3sHealth brought this group of subject matter experts together to collectively come up with a plan that will standardize, and create solutions across the province for staff scheduling.

“Staffing has a major impact on our patients. This is why we need to improve our scheduling system and practices. We are healthcare professionals who know the details of scheduling, which is why we have collectively brought everyone here today to build a system that will ultimately improve the patient’s experience,” 3sHealth Strategic Information and Corporate Services Vice President, Kendell Arndt said.

Participants were split into teams and dedicated part of the day exchanging information about what works well and what does not work well within the current system. The latter half of the day was spent visioning. Value stream maps reflecting what the ideal system would look like were created and presented by each team, which proved to be a very valuable exercise.

“The creativity I observed today was incredible. We will leverage the expertise and commitments you’ve shown here today. A fantastic plan has been established and you’ve done it all in one day,” Will said.

The day concluded on a high note, with everyone involved feeling good about the progress that was made. Stay tuned for more updates on the development of a new provincial staff scheduling system.

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Published in Spotlight eNewsletter January 28, 2013

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