Visitors impressed with daily visual management at 3sHealth

March 12, 2015

3sHealth teams began using visibility walls when the organization was founded back in 2012. Since then, teams have been building and improving walls in ways both big and small to help stay on top of their daily work and report on the progress they are making.

In the past year, groups have come from Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, SAHO, the Ministry of Education, SaskTel and Workers’ Compensation Board to get a firsthand look at how we are experimenting with daily visual management and finding ways to make it better over time. Since winter 2014, 3sHealth has had more than 95 visitors come to witness its corporate wall walk, tour our visibility walls, or both.

“As an organization, we’ve made tremendous gains in terms of our daily visual management boards,” said 3sHealth CEO Andrew Will. “And I think news about our progress is really starting to circulate through the grapevine. It’s great to know that so many people have come looking for new ideas and inspiration.”

“We had heard that 3sHealth has found a lot of success with their visibility walls and daily team huddles,” said Ngaire Woodroffe Brown, Director of RQHR’s long-term care kaizen operation team. “We wanted to find out how these tools are helping teams keep better track of their work and record their achievements. We saw a lot that we’d be able to use within our own areas and facilities.”

Some of the comments we heard from visitors include:
• “It was good to see how teams made a point of making their board their own.”
• “I learned there are so many ways you can track your work.”
• “I love the idea cards [about continuous improvement] and seeing all of the ones in progress.”

For example, our Communications team has been using a docket system to help them keep track of major assignments and help with load-leveling. Other areas, like Disability Income, display important operational metrics on their visibility walls to help keep them track of their output levels and the status of various items “in-flight” and others waiting to be processed.

“It’s great to see how excited people are after they come for a tour, especially when they get a chance to see how we use our wall walks to help each other out and learn together,” says Jill Forrester, 3sHealth’s director, kaizen promotion office. “Some people are even bringing colleagues back for a second visit.”

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Published in the March 2015 Spotlight newsletter

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