3sHealth and Weyburn Special Care Home partner to find scheduling solutions

August 15, 2013

n May, 3sHealth and the SUN Country Health Region partnered on two Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIWs) at the Weyburn Special Care Home to improve scheduling processes for their nursing and food services staff.

The week brought staff, managers, residents and union representatives together to find ways they could make it easier for managers to build schedules, approve vacation and other leave requests, and ensure shifts are filled. They also found ways to improve on-line access to the schedules for staff, and how to better communicate between staff and managers.
Ideas being tested include:

  • For food and nutrition services – new process for assigning and communicating shifts resulting in more timely assignment of shifts that are more than 72 hours away.  This requires fewer phone calls and saves time for schedulers.
  • For nursing staff – an automated spreadsheet (as opposed to hand written) that signals when the team is over or under resourced, and a new online site for staff to view the schedule and trade shifts.
“Before we completed this process, 77 per cent of the shifts I scheduled changed from what the master schedule put out. This took up a lot of my time. We’ve just accomplished wonderful things in our group this week. Scheduling is almost pain-free for me now, and I am so happy about that,” Nursing Supervisor, Weyburn Special Care Home, Kathy McFadden said.

Residents of the Weyburn Special Care Home also participated in the events and made important contributions. They shared their stories on how the quality of care they receive is impacted when the home is short staffed, and how important it is to them to know who their care-givers are.

“I found this process very interesting. I liked some of the ideas that came forward, and I found that some of the other residents were quite positive towards what was happening here. Thank you very much for including me as a participant in this process,” Weyburn Special Care Home resident, Leta Ross said.

As part of the RPIW process, audits will be performed to assess the progress the teams have made following the two workshops. This information will be communicated as it becomes available.

They hope with the findings from these events will help 3sHealth work with other health regions to improve staff scheduling processes.

pdf  3sHealth-Weyburn-Staff-Scheduling-Solutions-August-2103.pdf
Published in Spotlight eNewsletter August 15, 2013

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