You might be eligible for a new blood glucose monitoring system

June 11, 2018


Good news for people with insulin-dependent diabetes: a new kind of blood glucose monitoring system is now on the market. And thanks to a recent change in the 3sHealth employee benefit plans, the costs associated with this new system are now eligible for reimbursement.

Using this new system, individuals no longer have to prick their fingers to test their blood glucose levels. Instead, sensors are worn directly on the skin. A special device then reads what the sensor is picking up. It’s quick and painless. Measurements can even be taken over clothing. 

The costs of both the device and the sensor patches – which need to be replaced every 14 days – are covered by the plans. Please be advised there is a $9 deductible on the sensor patches.

Please contact Great-West Life at 1.866.408.0213 for more information and to determine eligibility.

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