3sHealth Annual Report

3sHealth publishes an Annual Report to provide information about its activities and financial statements to our stakeholders.

2019-20 Annual Report

Published: 04-Aug-2020
3sHealth releases its 2019-20 Annual Report   READ MORE »
pdf  3sHealth-Annual-Report-2019-20-web.pdf

2018-19 Annual Report

Published: 29-Jul-2019
3sHealth releases its 2018-19 Annual Report.   READ MORE »
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2017-18 Annual Report

Published: 30-Jul-2018
3sHealth releases its 2017-18 Annual Report.   READ MORE »
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2016-17 Annual Report

Published: 01-Aug-2017
3sHealth releases its 2016-17 Annual Report.   READ MORE »
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2015-16 Annual Report

Published: 27-Jul-2016
3sHealth releases its 2015-16 Annual Report.   READ MORE »
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2014-15 Annual Report

Published: 31-Jul-2015
3sHealth releases its 2014-15 Annual Report.   READ MORE »
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2013-14 Annual Report

Published: 07-Aug-2014
3sHealth releases its 2013-14 Annual Report.   READ MORE »
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2012-13 Annual Report

Published: 29-Oct-2013
3sHealth releases its 2012-13 Annual Report.   READ MORE »
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2011-12 Annual Report

Published: 16-Oct-2012
The Annual Report and financial statements for the reporting year 2011-12 were filed as SAHO. In April 2012 the Bylaws and governance changed creating Health Shared Services Saskatchewan (3sHealth) and dissolving the board structure for SAHO. The Board of 3sHealth reviewed and approved the financial statements in September following the audit of the Provincial Auditor. Corporate financial statements are now filed under 3sHealth.
pdf  2011-2012-SAHO-Annual-Report.pdf