Enterprise Resource Planning Project

Together with regional health authorities and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, 3sHealth is leading an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) evaluation project.

The project considers updating integrated systems, such as employee benefits, payroll, human resources, staff scheduling, finance, supply chain, and business intelligence. A new ERP system will have tangible benefits for employees, managers, and patients. For example, it will:

  • Consolidate 82 administrative systems into one provincial integrated solution;
  • Support scheduling staff to better match clinical demand and meet patient care needs;
  • Automate the application of collective bargaining agreement rules when scheduling staff and establish efficient rules and cost-based analysis to support call-in and overtime decisions;
  • Strengthen internal controls to validate an employee’s attendance, and automate attendance confirmation and management of timecards, leading to consistently accurate pay for all staff;
  • Provide real-time, accurate, and integrated information for effective data-driven decision-making;
  • Improve satisfaction among health system employees by implementing better processes and systems for staff scheduling;
  • Support the implementation of the provincial supply chain business case, which will improve the flow of goods and services, and the quality of patient care;
  • Support health system restructuring by consolidating and standardizing administrative systems and processes; and
  • Achieve economic benefits for the province of Saskatchewan associated with the project resources that will be deployed to achieve the implementation of the project.

The ERP project completed a “proof of concept” phase in 2016. The proof of concept was a study of the specific benefits of an ERP system to its many stakeholders with a primary goal to confirm the best possible solution for the provincial healthcare system and clearly articulate the benefits of an ERP for patients, staff, and management. During the proof of concept phase, the project team:

  • Completed a study to validate the benefits of implementing an ERP system;
  • Considered options for phasing in implementation;
  • Tested the healthcare system’s ability to standardize processes and work together; and
  • Examined the technology’s ability to meet some of our unique system requirements.

As part of the proof of concept phase, units in Saskatoon Health Region, Prairie North Health Region, and Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region participated in pilots over the summer of 2016.

The Council of CEOs discussed the ERP project in the fall of 2016. As the province heads into a period of transformational change in the health system, 3sHealth will remain engaged with the Ministry of Health and health system partners to move forward with any ERP solutions that will support the improvement of healthcare for Saskatchewan patients and families.