3sHealth Report Cards

3sHealth publishes regular Report Cards to provide information about its activities to our stakeholders.

3sHealth Summer 2016 Report Card

Published: 04-Jul-2016
The 3sHealth Summer 2016 Report card contains information on how to fund transformational change, a provincially delivered transcription service, provincial contracting for healthcare, the provincial linen service line, enhanced employee benefits coverage for plan members and the new 3sHealth Shares program.   READ MORE »
pdf  3sHealth-Report-Card-Summer-2016.pdf

3sHealth Fall 2015 Report Card

Published: 18-Nov-2015
The 3sHealth Fall 2015 Report card contains information on the provincial Smart Pump IV implementation, the launch of the provincial linen service, transcription service implementation, 3sHealth's payroll services, and a new provincial approach to resolving supply chain product issues.   READ MORE »
pdf  2015-11-18-3sHealth-Report_Card_WEB.pdf

3sHealth Spring 2015 Report Card

Published: 29-Jun-2015
The Spring 2015 issue of the 3sHealth Report Card contains information on exceeding the 5 year provincial savings goal for shared service, an update on the provincial linen service transition, and progress on provincial product standardization.   READ MORE »
pdf  2015-06-3sHealth-Report-Card.pdf

3sHealth Fall 2014 Report Card

Published: 15-Nov-2014
The Fall 2014 Report Card contains information about innovative approaches to shared services for the healthcare system including a Lean replication event, career postings, the new linen processing plant opening in Regina, business case development.   READ MORE »
pdf  2014-11-3sHealth-Report-Card.pdf

3sHealth Spring 2014 Report Card

Published: 05-May-2014
3sHealth has published its Spring Report Card. Contents include articles on supply chain planning, new hemodialysis equipment, quality improvements in the Provincial Linen Service, stakeholder engagement, provincial savings through shared services, and the wrap-up of the Gateway On-line project.   READ MORE »
pdf  2014-04-3sHealth-Report-Card.pdf

3sHealth Fall 2013 Report Card

Published: 05-Nov-2013
The Fall 2013 Report Card provides update on business cases that are being developed.   READ MORE »
pdf  2013-10-3sHealth-Report-Card-web.pdf

3sHealth Summer 2013 Report Card

Published: 07-Aug-2013
3sHealth has published its most recent quarterly report card. This edition contains an update on the Provincial Linen Service, supply chain management and savings through shared services initiatives.    READ MORE »
pdf  3sHealth-Summer-2013-Report-Card.pdf

3sHealth Winter 2012 Report Card

Published: 19-Dec-2012
3sHealth published its second Report Card on December 19, 2012. This most recent report contains information on savings achieved this year through provincial shared services initiatives, customer feedback on 3sHealth projects, information systems improvements and other initiatives.   READ MORE »
pdf  3sHealth_December_2012_Report_Card.pdf

3sHealth September 2012 Report Card

Published: 25-Sep-2012
3sHealth published inaugural first edition of its Report Card. The Report Card contains information on the new 3sHealth Board of Directors, savings achieved to-date from supply chain efficiencies and other shared service initiatives, Lean management at 3sHealth, Gateway Online, and the provincial linen strategy.   READ MORE »
pdf  3sHealth-ReportCard-2012-09.pdf