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Save time: Dictate, don’t handwrite, disability-related reports

Physicians can now simply dictate the application forms for health-system employees who need medical information as part of the disability benefits administered by 3sHealth. Physicians no longer have to complete these paper forms by hand. Physicians will also be able to dictate any additional medical requests.

This improvement will make filling out the “Attending Physician’s Initial Statement Form” quicker, easier, and less likely to require further attention. Physicians can simply use the same toll-free phone number and ID they use to dictate other patient care reports in the acute care setting. The dictation instructions will be included with the medical forms patients bring in the future.

“Whenever you can save a few precious minutes and still do a good job, it is a welcome change to a busy day,” says Dr. Joy Dobson, Senior Physician Consultant at 3sHealth. “We’ve made it much easier to fill out the Attending Physician’s Initial Statement Form.”

Don’t have a provincial dictation ID? Email to be set up to dictate these and other reports.

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