Facilities using the Nursing Information System Saskatchewan (NISS) program have access to a wide variety of resources.

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NISS User Manuals

This NISS Program provides user manuals in eight areas. Each manual contains examples of forms and the guidelines for using the forms. Last revision dates are found on the inside cover of the manual:

  • Medicine/Surgery User Manual (includes Critical Care), last revised November, 2014
  • Long-Term Care User Manual, last revised August 2009
  • Home Care User Manual, last revised September 2009
  • Pediatric User Manual, last revised September 2009
  • Obstetrics User Manual (includes Labour, Delivery, and Neonatal Care), last revised August 2009
  • Psychiatry User Manual, last revised September 2009
  • Ambulatory Care User Manual (includes Emergency, Day and Night Care), last revised June 2009
  • Operating Room/Post-Anaesthetic User Manual, last revised September 2009

NISS Audit Manuals

Audit manuals have been developed for each of the NISS modules. Each audit manual contains a basic set of standards of care and criteria that may assist facilities in developing specific standards of care for their site. An audit analysis sheet is provided to document outcomes found during the audit, the plan of action to be taken to correct the problems and the outcomes achieved. The audit forms are updated on a regular basis.

The NISS audit monitors and evaluates in three areas: patient care, documentation and environment. The audit process helps facilities determine if they are meeting specific standards in these areas. Audits must be conducted on a regular basis against established standards of care. 

For more information or to obtain a copy of a NISS manual, please contact the NISS Coordinator.

  • Medicine/Surgery Audit Manual, last revised December 2007
  • Long Term Care Audit Manual, last revised February 2007
  • Home Care Audit Manual, last revised March 2007
  • Pediatric Audit Manual, last revised January 2008
  • Obstetrics Audit Manual, last revised September 2006
  • Psychiatry Audit Manual, last revised January 2009
  • Ambulatory Audit Manual, last revised June 2009

Flowsheet Charting

NISS incorporates flowsheet charting and charting by exception. Flowsheet records facilitate the documentation of routine care, reducing the need for long repetitive narrative notes. Examples of flowsheets include Anticoagulant Record, Bowel Care, Record, Clinical Record, Death Record, Diabetic Record, Diagnostic Procedure Profile, IV Administration Record , Mobility Record, Physical Injury Record, PreOp - PostOp Teaching Record, Pre-Operative Check List, Referral Information, Suicide Assessment Record, and Wound Record. 

NISS Forms

The forms used in the Nursing Information System Saskatchewan© are updated periodically to reflect best practices in the collection of patient information. Many of the forms used in NISS are common to most modules and some forms are specific to individual modules. Please note: only NISS clients have the right to reprint and use NISS forms. The forms must be ordered and printed through Allied Printers using the form linked below:

NISS Order Form NISS Order Form (1862 KB)


NISS Forms, Form Numbers, And Effective Dates

The chart below indicates the last time each form was revised for content. Files are listed according to modules; exceptions include the common forms, and flowsheets. For a pdf preview of each form click on the form number.

File Name Form Number Effective Date
Medicine/Surgery (M/S)
Admission Assessment & History - M/S AAMS-001.9 Dec 2016
General Admission Assessment & History GAAH-010.3 Dec 2016
Admission Assessment - Rehabilitation AAREH-008.7 Dec 2016
Stroke Rehabilitation Care Plan SRCP-011.2 Dec 2016
Bladder Training Program BTP-012.1 May 2013
Individual Care Plan (ICP) Short Version CPMS-002.6 Dec 2016
ICP Long Version (2 pages) CPMS-003.6 Dec 2016
ICP Long Version (3 pages) CPMS-009.4 Dec 2016
Needs Assessment & Record of Care (8hr) NA8MS-004.7 Dec 2016
Needs Assessment & Record of Care (12hr) NA12MS-005.7 Dec 2016
Needs Assessment & Record of Care Critical Care (8hr) NA8CC-006.6 Sep 2012
Needs Assessment & Record or Care Critical Care (12hr) NA12CC-007.6 Sep 2012
Long Term Care (LTC)
Admission Assessment & History - LTC AALTC-021.8 
May 2015
Admission Assessment & History & ICP - Respite/Day Program AARES-022.8 May 2015
ICP - LTC CPLTC-023.7 Jan 2016
Needs Assessment & Record of Care - LTC (8hr) NA8LTC-024.7 Sep 2012
Needs Assessment & Record of Care - LTC (12hr) NA12LTC-025.7 Sep 2012
Needs Assessment & Record of Care - Day Program NADPLTC-026.7 Sep 2012
Admission Assessment & History AAOB-032.8 Dec 2016
Partogram PGOB-033.7 Sep 2012
Labour Summary & Delivery Record LDOB-034.6 May 2013
Postpartum Flow Sheet PPFS-035.6 Sep 2012
Postpartum Teaching & Community Health Referral Record PPTROB-036.6 Sep 2012
Admission Assessment & History & ICP - Newborn AACPNB-037.6 Sep 2012
Needs Assessment & Record of Care - Newborn (8hr) NA8NB-038.6 Sep 2012
Needs Assessment & Record of Care - Newborn (12hr) NA12NB-039.6 Sep 2012
Needs Assessment & Record of Care (8hr) NA8OB-030.5 Sep 2012
Needs Assessment & Record of Care (12hr) NA12OB-031.5 Sep 2012
Admission Assessment & History - Pediatrics AAPED-051.8 Dec 2017
Admission Assessment & History - Psychiatry AAPSY-071.7 Oct 2017
ICP - Psychiatry CPPSY-072.6 Oct 2017
Needs Assessment & Record of Care - Psych (8hr) NA8PSY-073.6 Oct 2017
Needs Assessment & Record of Care - Psych (12hr) NA12PSY-074.6 Oct 2017
Home Care
Admission Assessment & History - Home Care AAHC-091.8 Oct 2016
ICP CPHC-092.6 Oct 2016
ICP - Long Version CPHCLT-094.5 Oct 2016
Needs Assessment & Record of Care NAHC-093.7 Oct 2016
Assessment Addendum - Home Care AADD-095.7 May 2013
Admission Assessment and Teaching Record - Home Care AHTRHC-096.5 Oct 2016
Common Forms for the Above Modules
Notes NO-101.6 May 2017
Discharge Care Plan & Separation Summary DCP-102.7 Oct 2016
Inter-Agency Referral & Separation Summary IAR-103.0
Oct 2016
Separation Summary SS-104.5 Sep 2012
Medication Records
Medication Administration Record Portrait MARP-105.4 Sep 2012
Medication Administration Record - Overlay MAOP-106.4 Sep 2012
Medication Administration Record Landscape MARL-107.4 Sep 2012
Medication Administration - Overlay MAOL-108.4 Sep 2012
Medication Preparation Record (Home Care) MPRHC-109.5 Sep 2012
Medication Preparation - Overlay (Home Care) MPOHC-110.4 Sep 2012
PRN Medication #1 PRN1-111.6 Sep 2012
PRN Medication #2 PRN2-112.6 Sep 2012
Medication Profile MP-113.5 Sep 2012
Medication Administration Record (Home Care) MARHC-115.0 Oct 2016
Flow Sheets
Anticoagulant Record ACR-124.4 Sep 2012
Behaviour Management Record (Psychiatry/LTC) BMR-125.4 Sep 2012
Bowel Care Record BCR-126.4 Sep 2012
Braden Supplement BDN-155.2 Nov 2014
Braden Supplement - Home Care BDNHC-156.1 Nov 2014
Care Plan Worksheet CPWS-127.6 Sep 2012
Clinical Record CR-128.7 May 2015
Death Record DR-129.5 Sep 2012
Diabetes Record DBR-130.8 Nov 2014
Diagnostic Procedure Profile DPP-131.4 Sep 2012
Continuous Bladder Irrigation Record CBIR-150.3 Sep 2012
Discharge Planning Record (Psychiatry) DPRPSY-147.5 Oct 2017
Eco-Map (Psychiatry) EMPSY-148.4 Oct 2017
Feeding Record (Pediatrics/Obstetrics) FRPED-132.5 Sep 2012
Genogram (Psychiatry) GENPSY-149.4 Oct 2017
ICP Supplement CPS-133.6 Sep 2012
IV Administration Record Landscape IVR-134.5 Sep 2012
IV Administration Record Portrait IVRP-152.4 Sep 2012
Master Signature Record MSS-135.4 Sep 2012
Mobility Record MOBR-136.9 Feb 2017
Neurological - Vital Signs Record NVS-154.6 Sep 2012
Ongoing Record of Care (Ambulatory Care) OGRC-146.6 Sep 2012
Outpatient - Repeat Visit Record (Ambulatory Care) OPRV-137.5 Oct 2017
Outpatient Record (Ambulatory Care) OPR-138.8 Oct 2017
Physical Injury Record PHIR-139.5 Sep 2012
Preop/Post Teaching Record PPOPTR-140.6 May 2013
Pre-operative Check List POPCL-141.8 May 2013
Referral Information RI-142.8 Sep 2012
Suicide Assessment Record SAR-143.5 Sep 2012
Vital Sign Record - Premature /ill Newborn VSRNB-144.6 Sep 2012
Wound Record WR-145.0 Jan 2016
Daily Systems Assessments DSA-153.2 Dec 2016
Daily Systems Assessments (8hr) DSA8-157.0 Dec 2017
Fluid Balance FB-151.1 Nov 2012
Ambulatory Care - Emergency
Initial Assessment & Record of Care IARER-171.7 Oct 2017
Ongoing Record of Care & Needs Assessment OGRNA-172.6 Oct 2017
Emergency - Individual Needs Assessment & Record of Care (Concurrent) INAER-173.5 Oct 2017
Emergency - Unit Needs Assessment (Concurrent) UNAER-174.5 Oct 2017
Inter-agency Referral and Transit Record (page 1) IARTR1-175.8 Oct 2017
Inter-agency Referral and Transit Record (page 2) IARTR2-176.6 Oct 2017
Ambulatory Care - Day/Night Care: Surgery
Admission Assessment & History & ICP AADNS-181.7 Dec 2017
Admission Assessment & History & Icp - Pediatrics AADNP-182.7 Dec 2017
Record of Care, Checklist & Needs Assessment RCDNS-183.7 Dec 2017
Admission Assessment & History & Flowsheet DNCFS-186.5 Dec 2017
Assessment Addendum - Ambulatory AADDA-184.8 Dec 2017 
Assessment Addendum - Pediatrics AADDP-185.8 Dec 2017
Ambulatory Care - Day/Night Care: Medicine
Admission Assessment & History & ICP AADNM-191.7 Dec 2017
Record of Care & Needs Assessment RCDNM-192.7 Dec 2017
Post - Anesthetic Unit
Needs Assessment & Record of Care PAUNA-201.5 Sep 2012

Other Publications and Resources

The 3sHealth nursing specialist provides professional support to the NISS program with the following programs and services:

  • Orientation to the program for new users 
  • Ongoing NISS education, information and support 
  • Research, develop and revise user and audit manuals for all modules of NISS 
  • Develop and revise education materials for users 
  • Assistance in workload analysis, statistical reporting and staffing calculations 
  • Develop new components, modules, flowsheets and other program components in response to the needs of users, current trends and industry standards 
  • Provide consultation to the development of NISS in an electronic environment 
  • Prepare and conduct workshops, presentations and education sessions for NISS users. 

Order Form

NISS Order Form NISS Order Form (1862 KB)


For more information on NISS, please contact:
NISS specialist 
700 – 2002 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK, S4P 0R7
Phone: (306) 552-6254     
Email:  rhonda.goodtrack@3shealth.ca