Provincial Dictation and Transcription Services

  3sHealth – Acute Dictation Manual


M* Modal Presentation - October 3, 2018

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Since 2013, Regional Health Authorities, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency and 3sHealth have been working to significantly improve how transcription services are delivered throughout Saskatchewan to improve patient care.

Transforming the service is achieving better patient care by supporting physicians and other health-care professionals in capturing accurate clinical information as close to the care event as possible and integrating that information with a patient’s record in a timely way.

We are currently putting in place new voice recognition technologies at the provincial level that are fully integrated with existing clinical systems and the electronic health records of patients. The health system is also establishing a provincial pool of acute care dictation and transcription work to improve turnaround times and work more efficiently as a system.

There are four streams within the scope of the transformation: acute care, medical imaging, medical laboratory services, and oncology (i.e. Saskatchewan Cancer Agency).

By transforming how dictation and transcription services are delivered in Saskatchewan:

  • Clinicians will be able to dictate efficiently and the accuracy of those dictations will improve (as voice recognition technology “learns” their speech patterns);
  • Transcriptionists’ focus will shift over time from predominantly typing to ensuring quality and completeness of data; and
  • Patients will be assured that information about their care events is more accurate and readily available to health-care practitioners.