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  3sHealth 2018 - Preferred Accommodation Listing

  3sHealth 2018 - Preferred Accommodation Letter to Participating Members

Our publicly-funded system regularly procures all manner of goods and services from private sector vendors in order to effectively administer high-quality care to the people of Saskatchewan. The procurement process for goods and services happens mostly at a provincial level on behalf of the 12 Regional Health Authorities and Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. 3sHealth, a shared services organization that is part of the provincial health system, leads these procurement efforts.

Working with stakeholders, 3sHealth leverages economies of scale, best practice and shared expertise, and works collaboratively to purchase products and supplies under national, provincial and multi-provincial group purchasing contracts. Products and suppliers are evaluated on quality, service and cost.

Once health system partners have collectively determined there is a need to provincially procure a certain product or service, a fair and competitive process – known as a Request for Proposals (RFP) or a Request for Strategic Partnership (RFSP) – is then initiated by 3sHealth. All RFPs/RFSPs issued by 3sHealth on behalf of the provincial health system are posted on the SaskTenders and Biddingo websites. After a tender is issued to the marketplace for a certain product or service, prospective vendors have until the advertised deadline to submit a formal proposal. Once the submission deadline has passed, a team of evaluators (which includes clinical representatives from across the province) convenes and rigorously evaluates each submission. The goal is to select the best possible product and/or service for patients and providers at the best possible price.

Over the last five years, our collaborative approach to provincial purchasing for the provincial health system partners has saved more than $97 million. One example of this is our new approach to delivering supplies and equipment for epidural procedures. The process involved engagement of the physicians to determine the priority of clinical acceptability versus cost as well as the exact contents of the kit which formed the basis of the RFP.

Epidural Kit

Epidural kits have created better care, better teams, and better value by:

  • Providing a consistent, high-quality and safe experience for patients,

  • Improving convenience for anaesthetists, and

  • Producing cost savings for the health system.

  • Epidural kits eliminate waste and improve efficiency for physicians and their patients.

Contract management

Please see one of the following web sites to bid on health sector tendering opportunities:

For more information, contact:

Sandra Baillie
Specialist, Contracts
Tel.  306.347.1524
Michelle Harden
Specialist, Contracts
Tel. 306.347.5552
Karen Deibert
Officer, Contracts
Tel. 306.347.5583
Bob Joice
Specialist, Contracts
Tel. 306.347.1514
Lori-Ann Litzenberger
Specialist, Contracts
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Janine Skolney
Specialist, Contracts
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Cheryl Thompson
Specialist, Contracts
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Jennifer Vaisman
Officer, Contracts
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