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A plan member emails 3sHealth her disability recovery story

A plan member on a disability claim has given 3sHealth permission to share her story. We have changed her name to protect her privacy.

Jennifer is a plan member who works as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Jennifer is on a disability claim due to an autoimmune disease. 

To all at 3sHealth,

I’m sending this email as a way to say thank you and to show my appreciation for the physiotherapy program that my 3sHealth Claims Adjudicator set up for my rehabilitation. The importance of this program cannot be overstated.

I am dealing with pain and stiffness throughout my joints from my autoimmune disease. My disease left me with bony deposits on the joints of my feet and hands, particularly my dominant hand.

For the past five years, it has become an uphill struggle to perform daily tasks and functions at work. A depression set in when I saw and felt my body deteriorating. I use my whole body for my job. I am an LPN and I work in a few units, including the Mother-Baby Unit. I am on my feet for 8-to-12-hour shifts handling, bathing, and caring for little ones. I teach breastfeeding (which can be super hard on your back) and teach dressing changes in a variety of, and not always optimal, settings. I care for people with many sorts of physical needs.

Since I began my physiotherapy program, I have definitely seen improvement in my joint mobility. The joint stiffness has greatly decreased now, which in turn helps my pain control. I loved how I have been given a program that specifically works for people with my physical condition! 

I also appreciate the accountability aspect of the program. Someone who is depressed due to their disability does not always have the motivation or knowledge to improve their problems. Now that I have been working with therapists and pushing myself to get better, with their help, I definitely see improvement. I feel like they have brought me to a place where my body can now function for a return to work.

I am very thankful to all those involved in my care. This is definitely a plan of action that can benefit those struggling with their disabilities. 

Thank you for the assistance in helping me to learn how to better take care of myself while struggling with this disease. It has helped my life immensely! 

Sincerely, Jennifer N. LPN

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