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In 2023, the Employee Benefit Plan Trusts paid $174,115,709 in Group Life insurance, Disability Income Plan benefits, and health and dental claim reimbursements to eligible plan members. This amount represents a seven per cent increase over the total for claims paid in 2022. 3sHealth administers the Employee Benefit Plans on behalf of health-care employers in Saskatchewan.

Group Life insurance

The Group Life Insurance Plan paid $14,789,568. This total includes $10,310,676 that was paid to loved ones when a plan member passed away.

The plan also paid $626,550 directly to plan members when their spouse or child passed away. 

As of December 31, 2023, there were 46,882 plan members across Saskatchewan enrolled in the Group Life Insurance Plan, with approximately $8,148,721,000 of life insurance coverage in place. 

Disability Income Plans

3sHealth issued $54,711,777 in payments to plan members on approved disability claims. This figure represents 3,593 claims and an increase of over $3 million in payments to plan members compared to 2022. 

In addition, the Disability Income Plans provided treatment support in the amount of $1,391,672 to plan members on an approved claim throughout 2023. Treatment support most commonly comes in the form of physiotherapy, psychology, and assessments to provide collaborative support with beneficiaries on their path to health. The Employee Benefit Plans Board of Trustees has committed to early intervention as a tool to help plan members with their recovery. As a result of that effort, the Disability Income Plans paid out $610,633 more in treatment funding in 2023 compared to 2022. 

Dental Plans

The dental plans paid a total of $47,189,863 in reimbursements for plan members and their families.  

Extended Health Care Plans

Plan members and their families received $56,032,829 in health claim reimbursements. This figure represents 1,220,265 claims. 

Plan members submitted 851,128 claims for prescription medications, making it the highest claimed benefit in 2023. Plan members received reimbursement totaling $20,870,622 for prescription medication claims.

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