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AIMS project team recognized with award for “Going the Extra Mile”

Mar 22, 2022

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The payroll reconciliation team from the Administrative Information Management System (AIMS) project recently received an award celebrating their “tireless” efforts to meet important project targets.   

Kendell Arndt presented the 3sHealth “Going the Extra Mile” award to the team made up of talented health-care system employees from across the province representing many organizations, such as the Saskatchewan Health Authority, eHealth Saskatchewan, 3sHealth, and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. 

Arndt, the Executive Sponsor of the AIMS project, said that the “payroll reconciliation team has worked tirelessly since the beginning of the project to adapt a methodology that ensures the new payroll applications will calculate pay accurately once AIMS is implemented. Three years of work culminated in this team recently achieving their targets.”

“It is a privilege to present this award. The dedication, perseverance, and resilience of this team made this achievement possible. I’m so proud of every single individual on the team for achieving this milestone.”

What is payroll reconciliation? It is the process to ensure that all employees are paid accurately. In this case, the AIMS payroll reconciliation team runs test payroll cycles and they work diligently to ensure the new system runs correctly. With over 48,000 employees that work for different organizations in many unique roles, reaching the implementation target was a monumental task.  

AIMS is an integrated business information system for finance, human resources, and supply chain management for the Saskatchewan health system. The new system will replace 82 non-integrated systems with a single integrated software solution. Learn more about AIMS by visiting the project website here

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